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Fabulous Freddy's Car Wash Announces Environmentally Friendly Pure Green Oil Change

June 23, 2009

Las Vegas, NV - Since oil first began gushing into the Gulf of Mexico in late April, there has understandably been little positive news to report about the BP oil spill.  Estimates to the actual amount of oil leaking continue to rise substantially each week.  Amidst all of this tragedy, it is refreshing to learn about a local area business doing its part to build for a greener, less oil dependent future.  

Fred Smith, Owner/CEO of Fabulous Freddy's  in Las Vegas, found himself deeply impacted by the images of oil soaked wildlife and tragic stories of jobs lost due to the collapse of a once thriving seafood industry.   As an owner of a business directly correlated to oil, Smith sought out a way to offer his customers a greener, more eco-friendly alternative to a standard oil change.

"A common misperception in our industry is that motor oil burns off or goes bad," Smith said.  "In actuality, it simply gets dirty and vital additives begin to deplete."

Armed with the knowledge that used motor oil could be stripped of contaminants through a revolutionary re-refining process, Smith sought out a supplier that could provide his company with the highest quality re-refined "Green" motor oil on the market.

During his extensive research, he came across a company called North American Lubricants that offered a full re-refined product line called PureGreen.  It turns out that the PureGreen product line not only met, but exceeded all of the current warranty and licensing requirements that conventional motor oil would. 

"Perhaps the only good thing to come from the oil spill is an increased awareness that we need to decrease our dependency on oil and search for cleaner energy solutions.  The PureGreen oil change service allows us the unique opportunity to provide our customers with a high quality, licensed product that reduces off-shore drilling and our usage of virgin crude oil."

While the use of re-refined lubricants is new to quick lube facilities like Fabulous Freddy's, they have been mandated for use in all U.S. federal government vehicles for over a decade.  In fact, there is a high likelihood that your current vehicle ran on re-refined motor oil the day you drove it off the lot.  Many automobile manufacturers like GM, Ford, and Mercedes-Benz have factory filled their vehicles with re-refined lubricants for years.

"The thing that excited me the most about the green oil change service is the sustainability of it.  It truly represents the highest and best use for quality used motor oil.  This service creates an infinite life cycle for the motor oil while providing performance that in almost every instance is greater than conventional motor oils."

In fact, re-refined lubricants often do provide higher performance than conventional motor oils thanks to the heavy presence of synthetic blend and full-synthetic motor oil in the select used oil base stocks.

Not only do re-refined lubricants virtually eliminate the need for dangerous off-shore drilling, they also require 75% less energy to create compared to refining from crude oil.  Furthermore, over 99% of collected used oil is re-used either in motor oil, asphalt extender, ethylene glycol, or a host of other products.

In comparison, only two quarts from a 42 gallon drum of crude oil are refined into motor oil.  As a result, the amount of crude oil needed to generate enough motor oil for a standard oil change is upwards of 100 gallons!

"I could not be more excited to be one of the first quick lube facilities in the Las Vegas area too offer a green oil change.  Rare is the opportunity where we can provide our customers with a product that not only offers superior performance, but the highest degree of environmental conservatism as well."

Introducing a green oil program is just one of the many things that Fabulous Freddy's has done to better the local community.  The company is also involved with several local charities such as the Make-a-Wish of Southern Nevada and police organizations. 
The Pure Green oil change service is available now.  This service comes in addition to existing conventional, high mileage, and full synthetic oil change services that Fabulous Freddy's already offers.

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