Frequently Asked Question’s

If you have a question to ask Freddy, it’s probably got an answer here. Please give these questions a look over and see if they have the information your needing.

Common Location Questions

What are the hours of Operation

In Las Vegas the Car Wash and Lube Shops open at 7:30am and closes at 7pm. The Gas Station and Convenience Stores are open 24 hours a day!

In St. George the Car Wash is open at 7:30am and closes at 7pm. The Gas Station is 24 hours. The Convenience Stores open Monday – Saturday at 6am and Sunday they open at 7am. Call for more information

What's the nearest Fabulous Freddy's to me?

You can find the nearest Fabulous Freddy’s location to you by visiting our store locator page by clicking here.

How can I tell Freddy about my most recent experience at a store?

If you would like to let us know how your experience was at one of our fabulous locations, then click here to give us feedback on our service.

Common Car Wash Questions

What is a Water Smart Car Wash?

Washing you car doesn’t have to drain our water resources. If you use a water smart car wash, the water is recycled on site or sent to a water treatment facility where it is treated and sent back to Lake Mead. All of Fabulous Freddy’s locations are Water Smart Car Washes.

Does Fabulous Freddy's accept competitor coupons?

Yes, we accept most competitors Car Wash and Express Lube Coupons. Bring it in and let a manager see it and most likely we will honor it!

Does Fabulous Freddy's accept expired coupons?

We accept all of our own expired coupons. Isn’t that fabulous?

Does Fabulous Freddy's offer senior discounts?

We love our seniors and offer senior discounts. Senior Discount is $2 off any car wash and 10% off any Lube Shop Service. Discounts can not be combined with additional coupons.

Does Fabulous Freddy's offer military discounts?

We support our Armed Forces and offer military discounts. Military Discount is $2 off any wash. Discounts can not be combined with additional coupons.

How much water will I saving going to Fabulous Freddy's instead of washing my car in my driveway?

A commercial car wash only uses 37 gallons of water on average for each car. Driveway washers use 80-100 gallons of water for each car and take up to an hour. Fabulous Freddy’s tries to get all full services washes done in 20 minutes or less. Plus none of the water used when washing your car at home is captured and recycled. Save water bring your car to Fabulous Freddy’s.

Why shouldn't I just wash my own car?

If you choose to hand wash your car, use soft sponges and lots of car wash specific soap to prevent scratches. Save your dish soap for washing your dishes, not your car.

What kind of Guarantee does Fabulous Freddy's have on their car washes?

Freddy offers a 4 DAY clean car guarantee on the Ultra, Extreme Shine, Best Exterior, VIP, Freddy Special and The Best Wash. It doesn’t matter if it rains or a bird targets your vehicle and we will treat it to a complimentary Exterior Car Wash. Please keep your receipt to receive your 4 day clean car guarantee.

What happens if it rains after my car wash?

Fabulous Freddy honors a 4 day clean car guarantee on six of our eight car washes. Bring in your receipt and car and we will treat your vehicle to a complimentary exterior Car Wash.

Additional Common Questions

How do I establish a Fleet account?

Please call our corporate office at (702) 933-5374 to set-up a Fleet account.

How can I be more fuel efficient?

Check out Shell’s recommendations on being more fuel efficient.

How can Fabulous Freddy's help me with raising money for special organization?

Fabulous Freddy’s offers a fundraising program to our community partners called “Fabulous Freddy’s Peeler Cards.”€ The peeler card is a plastic card with eight can’t miss offers on our car washes, lube shop and convenience store. You sell the cards to make money for your organization. Click here for more information

We would like Fabulous Freddy's to make a donation to our organizations silent auction fundraiser?

Please submit all requests for donations to our Corporate Office in at least 6 weeks in advance.
Fabulous Freddy’s

4350 South Durango Drive Suite 100
Las Vegas, NV 89147

How long does it take to wash my car?

We’ll complete your full serve wash (inside and out) in 20 minutes or less.

Do I need to vacuum my car every time I wash it?

No, but remember that frequent vacuuming will prevent premature soiling of both carpets and upholstery.

How often should I wash my car?

Washing your car frequently, say once a week, helps prevent environmental contaminants from sitting and baking onto your vehicle’s clear coat finish. Try to avoid parking under trees or near sprinklers.

How can I tell when my paint finish needs cleaning and waxing?

Feel a side panel on your vehicle and compare this to how the finish on your hood feels. Are they the same? Generally hoods take more of an environmental beating than do side panels and will feel rougher. All paint surfaces should feel smooth, silky and grit free.

How often should I wax my car?

Most car manufactures recommend a hand wax once every three months.

Do leather seats require any special attention?

Yes! Cleaning and moisturizing your leather upholstery twice a year is a must in this dry environment.

What are all these black spots on my car?

Chances are you picked up some road tar which is common after driving over newly resurfaced roads. Get it off right away or your paint underneath could be ruined.

How do you prevent hard water spots?

Only pure reverse osmosis (RO) water, which is free of all minerals and contaminants, is used during our final rinse to ensure a spot free finish. Leaving you car next to a sprinkler is usually the main cause of hard water spots. Get to Fabulous Freddy’s right away to help you prevent hard water spots from being permanently placed on your car.

Does detailing my car before selling really help its resale value?

Do you clean your house before an open house? Of course have a clean car will help its resale value! First impressions count! Studies have shown that getting a complete professional detail not only pays for itself, but yields a greater return than simply selling a used vehicle as is.