Full Service Gasoline in Sandy, Utah

This is Chris Redgrave for Zions Bank Speaking on Business.

When was the last time you had full-service gas at self-service prices? A visit to Fabulous Freddy’s in Sandy or St. George will provide exactly that experience. You can pull up and the team will pump your gas for you … at no extra charge. Owner Freddy Smith says he always has at least two people outside to pump gas….. This service is popular all year but he expects it’ll be especially in demand once the snow flies…

Freddy moved to Las Vegas from Salt Lake City in 1996…While he was there, he went to a carwash and had a terrible experience…It caused him to take a hard look at what didn’t work and what he thought could be done to improve the business… He was looking for something to keep him busy anyway, so he thought … why not run his own carwash operation?

He gathered a team to come up with the perfect concept he could use for his new venture. …The concept they came up with became Fabulous Freddy’s. Today, that one fabulous idea has also grown into 630 employees…And the same people Freddy sat down with to design his concept are now the majority of his management team. ….

A visit to one of his carwash/auto shops in Sandy or St. George means you can check it out for yourself. In addition to a car wash, you can get oil changes, visit the convenience store and, in Sandy, even have some frozen yogurt. At the heart of the company is their mission: “to provide a fabulous experience.”

Their whole idea was to look at what an average carwash and station did, then figure out how to do it better… Attracting and maintaining a strong customer base is an important focus. There are now five Fabulous Freddy’s locations in Las Vegas in addition to the ones in St. George and Sandy.

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For Zions Bank, I’m Chris Redgrave, speaking on business.

Fabulous Freddy’s With locations in Sandy and St. George www.waterwellnesscenter.com

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