Gas And Convenience Store

Our Gasoline Services

Fabulous Convenience StoreWe offer full service gasoline at self service prices between 7:30 am – 7:00 pm, and our pumps are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week for self service.

All locations, excluding the Ft. Apache and Durango locations, offer high grade diesel fuel to all of our customers.

Las Vegas Gasoline

Fabulous Freddy's Convience StoreFabulous Freddy’s proudly offers Shell Gasoline at all of our Las Vegas stores. When you fill up with Shell, you can relax in the knowledge that Shell fuels, including Shell V-Power and Shell V-Power Diesel.

They’re also backed by the unique technological expertise, and decades of research and development, by some of the best scientists from around the world. They all focus their efforts to help you get the most out of every drop of Shell gas.

Utah Gasoline

Fabulous Freddy’s in St. George offers 87 octane as their regular grade gasoline.

Our Convenience Store Services

All Fabulous Freddy’s locations offer a fabulous convenience store. We have all of your favorite snacks, drinks, and car care accessories in one convenient place.

What Items Do We Sell

Fabulous_Snacks_And_ChipsWe have fabulous fountain drinks (including refillable mugs), the coldest beer, delicious hot dogs and every snack you can imagine. We also carry car care products and basic household needs.

Our Fabulous Specials

When you visit the store ask the cashier for the latest specials. Fabulous Freddy’s always have fabulous specials on all of our great products.

Additional Stores We’ve Partnered With

Several of our stores feature additional businesses inside. These include Roberto’s Taco Shop, Fabulous Yogurt, Dippn’ Dots & Doc Popcorn. Stop by and enjoy these fabulous places too while you shop at Fabulous Freddy’s.