Fabulous Windshield Repair

Fabulous Freddy's Windshield RepairLet us protect your window from cracking with our fabulous onsite windshield chip repair! With extreme temperature changes a minor chip can become a major crack in an instant! Don’t let your windshield suffer needlessly. Out fabulous onsite chip repair can save you hundreds.

Windshield repair will restore the strength of the glass and improve the optical clarity of the damaged area. Repairs save money by preventing the need of costly replacement after your chip spiders into a full blown crack.

Chip Repair Is Fast!

We can have your chips repaired while your car is here at Fabulous Freddy’s. Not only will you get a fabulous car wash, but you can also make sure you’re not the victim of a windshield crack!

No Cost to You!

If you have full coverage insurance, your insurance company may take care of the expense for you!

If you need your windshield repaired, visit your local store and have your windshield serviced as soon as possible.